Presentation to HM the King of Model of 1st Moroccan Consumer Car Brand and Prototype of Hydrogen Vehicle of Moroccan Initiative

Having received final approval from the National Agency for Road Safety in February 2023, Neo Motors is on track to launch its first vehicle. The company plans to inaugurate its industrial unit in June 2023, signaling the birth of the first Moroccan consumer car brand. The project relies on the expertise of national talent and the established ecosystem of local automotive suppliers in the Kingdom.

NamX’s hydrogen vehicle prototype is a testament to Morocco’s engagement in the global pursuit of eco-friendly transportation solutions. Designed in collaboration with Italy’s esteemed Pininfarina design office and coachbuilder, the HUV model boasts a hydrogen supply system comprising a central tank and six removable capsules, ensuring substantial autonomy and quick hydrogen recharge.

During the ceremony, His Majesty the King, may God assist Him, recognized the exceptional efforts of Nassim Belkhayat, founder and CEO of Neo Motors, and Faouzi Annajah, President and founder of NamX, by awarding them the prestigious Wissam Al Kafaa Al Fikria. The event was graced by the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour.

Overall, these pioneering projects signal Morocco’s commitment to progressive industrial development, environmental consciousness, and support for homegrown talent, underscoring its prominent role in the ongoing global pursuit of innovative and sustainable transportation solutions.