Morocco’s First Green Hydrogen Production Project Gears Up in Guelmim-Oued-Noun Region

Morocco is making significant strides in its pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, with the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen) spearheading an ambitious project to produce green hydrogen, a clean energy source poised to transform the nation’s energy landscape. The Guelmim-Oued-Noun region has been chosen as the epicenter of this groundbreaking endeavor.

The PtX Initiative: Power to Hydrogen

Known as the “Power to Hydrogen (PtX)” initiative, this project represents a pivotal moment in Morocco’s renewable energy journey. The PtX initiative is designed to develop a hybrid power plant that harnesses both solar and wind energy to power a green hydrogen production facility. This facility will have an impressive 100 MW electrolysis capacity and the potential to be connected to a seawater desalination station, adding to its multifaceted approach to sustainable energy.

Strategic Site Selection in Tan-Tan Province

Four pre-qualified sites within the Tan-Tan province have been earmarked to host various components of the PtX project, strategically located in the municipalities of Tilemzoun and El Ouatia. Each site serves a specific purpose:

The first site will house a hybrid renewable energy power plant (combining photovoltaic and wind power) for electricity generation with the option of battery storage.

The second site will be dedicated to a green hydrogen production plant, along with its derivative products, covering approximately 5 hectares.

The third site will focus on the potential construction of a seawater desalination station, crucial for supplying the hydrogen production facility.

The fourth site will accommodate the electrical evacuation infrastructure necessary to distribute the generated power.

An International Collaboration for Sustainability

The PtX initiative is the fruit of an agreement signed between Morocco and Germany in June 2019 in Berlin, demonstrating the international commitment to advancing the green hydrogen sector. This initiative aligns with Morocco’s overarching strategy of bolstering its renewable energy sector, ensuring energy self-sufficiency, and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Moreover, Morocco’s rich potential in renewable energies, including photovoltaic and wind power, its robust infrastructure, proximity to international markets, and a burgeoning local market, make it an ideal candidate for the development of green hydrogen projects.

A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability

Masen, drawing upon its extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, is conducting a range of studies and analyses to evaluate the application of renewable energy across diverse sectors, extending beyond electricity production to include hydrogen production.

As part of its commitment to this initiative, Masen has recently launched tenders for seismic, hydrological, hydrogeological, geological, and geotechnical studies for the PtX project. The project is set to be co-financed by the German Development Bank (KfW), which will also fund various studies to support its development.

Morocco’s first green hydrogen production project signifies a significant leap toward a sustainable energy future. With the Guelmim-Oued-Noun region as its nucleus, the PtX initiative promises to be a trailblazing example of how nations can harness renewable energy sources to reduce emissions and secure a cleaner, greener energy landscape for the future.