HM the King Mohammed VI Marks Glorious Throne Day

Tetouan / July 29, 2023 – On the occasion of the glorious Throne Day, which marks the twenty-fourth anniversary of His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s enthronement, the monarch addressed his people.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, King Mohammed VI directed the government to take necessary measures to mitigate the negative effects on the most vulnerable social groups and sectors while ensuring a stable supply of essential products in the markets. The king stressed the importance of seriousness, instilling confidence, and seizing new opportunities to enhance the resilience and recovery of the national economy.

In response to some signs of gradual decline in global inflationary pressures, the king launched the green investment project of the OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates) and expedited the development of the renewable energy sector. A meeting chaired by King Mohammed VI led to the government’s preparation of the ambitious “Moroccan Offer” project in the field of green hydrogen.

The “Moroccan Offer” project aims to position Morocco as a key player in the burgeoning green hydrogen industry, capitalizing on the country’s abundance of qualifications and resources. Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy sources like solar and wind, is gaining international attention as a clean and sustainable energy solution.

With this initiative, Morocco seeks to attract global investors interested in green hydrogen projects. By encouraging the rapid and high-quality implementation of the “Moroccan Offer,” the country aims to play a significant role in advancing the use of green hydrogen on a global scale.

This ambitious undertaking aligns with Morocco’s commitment to environmental sustainability and economic diversification. It not only addresses local challenges but also positions the nation as a pioneer in the global effort to combat climate change and secure a greener future.

As the world looks for innovative and eco-friendly solutions to address energy demands, Morocco’s push towards green hydrogen showcases the nation’s determination to play a leading role in shaping a more sustainable world. With the unwavering support of its people and the dedication of its government, Morocco stands ready to embrace the opportunities of the green hydrogen era, setting an example for others to follow.