Morocco’s Green Hydrogen Initiative: Paving the Way for Sustainable Growth and Global Green Energy Exports

The Kingdom of Morocco has launched a regional initiative aimed at to create an economic and industrial sector around green molecules molecules, particularly hydrogen, ammonia and methanol, to consolidate methanol, in order to consolidate its energy transition by helping to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting the decarbonization of partner countries. This impetus is based in particular on the development of exceptional potential in renewable energy sources, as well as the expertise expertise acquired by the Kingdom over the last 10 years.

The production of green hydrogen in Morocco will promote economic growth contribute to the decarbonization of its industry and strengthen the security of its energy and non-energy input supplies. And non-energy inputs.

It will also add value to the production of electricity from renewable sources in particular its transformation into more energy-dense products with high products with higher energy density and high demand potential for major economies, which also represents a real opportunity for our for our country to export green energy.

The introduction of the green hydrogen industry and its derivatives, “Power-to-X (PtX)”, will enable the Kingdom to diversify its energy mix through the integration of renewable energy sources. through the integration of renewable energy sources in sectors in sectors that are difficult to decarbonize.

The establishment of a domestic hydrogen-based industry would firstly enable ammonia imports to be replaced by local production of this important fertilizer raw material. This transition will help to deristify this vital activity for Morocco and guarantee long-term supply.