Investment Opportunity: Morocco’s Green Hydrogen and Power-To-X Industry

Morocco is poised to become a leading player in the burgeoning Green Hydrogen and Power-To-X industry, benefiting from several crucial advantages:

  1. Geographic Advantage: With abundant PV power potential and high wind speeds, Morocco boasts low long-term Power-To-X production costs. Its renewable energy potential exceeds its current needs, presenting a favorable environment for sustainable growth.
  2. Proximity to Decarbonization Commitments: Being close to Europe, a region committed to strict decarbonization, and having access to exporting infrastructure further bolsters Morocco’s position in the Green Hydrogen sector.
  3. International Partnerships and Pioneer Status: Morocco’s strong international partnerships reduce trade costs and innovation barriers. The country’s successful deployment of large-scale renewable energy projects positions it as a regional pioneer, leading the way in the transformative Power-To-X sector.

Key Investment Highlights


  • Morocco’s energy matrix is carbon-intensive, heavily reliant on imports, with more than 90% of primary energy consumption coming from international markets.
  • The country imports around 2 Mt of Ammonia for fertilizer production, representing about 1.2% of the world market for this crucial raw material. Utilizing its renewable energy potential to produce Green Hydrogen is a strategic approach to decarbonize the economy, enhance energy security, and meet the demand for primary molecules like Green Ammonia and e-fuels.
  • The estimated investment size is approximately USD 145 million.
  • The project will pioneer an innovative approach, establishing a Pilot at the MW scale (40 MW) as an initial step towards large-scale green ammonia production from hybrid renewable energy sources.


  • Investments in the Power-To-X industry and synthetic product production are expected to stimulate economic growth and create employment opportunities in Morocco.
  • Strengthening the security of energy and non-energy inputs, fostering competitiveness in the local fertilizer segment through green ammonia usage, and promoting the domestic market’s adoption of Power-To-X technologies are among the positive impacts.
  • The initiative aims to reduce the ecological footprint and CO2 emissions, greening hydrogen and ammonia production processes.

Morocco’s strategic location, strong international ties, and commitment to renewable energy make it an attractive destination for investments in the Green Hydrogen and Power-To-X sector. The nation’s proactive and innovative approach positions it to play a significant role in shaping the future of green chemistry and contribute to global efforts in sustainability and decarbonization.